Do Veterans Really Need Consultants to Help Them

More often than not, veterans do not know what benefits they’re entitled to, and even don’t get full benefits when applying for disability claims. The condition worsens because of poor guidance from VA benefit consultants. This is again why 8/10 veterans do not have the requisite VA disability rating for getting the compensation they deserve. Needless to say, this leads to frustration for the veterans.

Veterans Facing Discrimination

Veterans put their lives on the line and toil hard to protect people’s lives during their service, and yet, when they return from service, some even with disabilities, they often face discrimination when claiming benefits that’s rightfully theirs.

There have been instances where veterans live with physical and mental impairments due to their time in the service. In such circumstances, he or she may be entitled to monthly income benefits and other healthcare services from the VA. Unfortunately, veterans are often forced to fight for the benefits – a daunting task for veterans and transitioning military members. Most aren’t even aware that they have the right to request their rating be increased if their medical condition worsens and their health deteriorates.

The Need for Veteran Consultants

Are you looking to file your VA disability benefits, but do not know where to start?

Are you annoyed with your current VA disability claim results?

Good veteran consultants like ours, help veterans achieve the disability rating they are entitled to and get the benefits they deserve. Military service can have significant and lasting impacts on people’s physical and mental health. At Veterans for Veterans, LLC, we protect the rights and interests of veterans and help them recover their benefit entitlements. We have knowledge of how claims are investigated, and how those are settled or denied. We offer veterans knowledge of all minor and major hiccups associated with these benefits and entitlements. We also help veterans apply for benefits on their own.

Services Offered

Veteran consultants provide disability claims assistance. They help in claiming compensations and other pension benefits. They offer veterans the opportunity of becoming service connected and receiving benefits they’re entitled to. Consultants assist with the submission of new claims, evaluation of old claims, review old conditions, and even identify the disability that meets the condition for service connection. They even provide coaching for the compensation and pension exam. In short, the consultants employ the right strategies required to help settle your claim in your favor.

Veterans for Veterans, LLC, is a fee-based consulting firm that advises veterans. We also represent our clients before the Veterans Administration on all veteran related matters. Understanding how the VA operates, how they rate disability in your claims, can determine whether or not your claim would be approved or denied. We go through your medical records and come up with the right strategic approach – one that would increase your chances of getting the claims approved.


At Veterans for Veterans, LLC, our knowledge is a result of our expertise – one that includes years of interaction with the Veterans Administration. We have successfully helped veterans with even the most difficult claims. We are devoted to settling claims for our clients, thereby protecting their rights and interests.