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Services To Increase VA Disability

Veterans for Veterans offers consultation and advisement regarding the evaluation of medical evidence, rating decisions, and case statements. The provided consulting services surpass the simplistic preparation of many firms by a significant margin. Our case managers, who are subject matter experts, will assist with all VA documentation, development calls prior to each examination, and the acquisition of medical proof from our on-staff physicians, such as Nexus letters and Disability questionnaires.

We also conduct quality assurance audits of prior rating determinations, medical records, and personnel files while giving you a comprehensive action plan to fully utilize all of your military benefit advantages.

Additionally, Veterans are unable to fully benefit from the VA disability benefits they are entitled to because they lack understanding, receive inadequate guidance from friends and family, and receive insufficient care from service officers. Unfortunately, the result causes years of disappointment, frustration, and discouragement for the majority of Veterans who file disability claims.

Veterans for Veterans gives consulting and advisement in medical evidence review, rating decision review, and review of statement of the cases. The consultation services that are rendered much exceed the simplistic preparation of your local veteran service officer. Our consultants for america’s veteran, with years of experience will assist with pre-documenting discussions through the entire interest’s process. We also audit past rating decisions and furnish you with the means to increase your VA disability compensation.

Furthermore, the reason Veterans of America are unable to take full advantage of the VA disability benefits they deserve is due to absence of knowledge, poor direction from friends, family, and insufficient servicing from service officers. Unfortunately, the outcome converts into years of disappointment for most Veterans submitting disablity claims and being properly compensated.

We will provide the care of your veterans affair disability claim as it was our own, while also providing transparent communication, and the most up to date regulations and standards in order to develop the best advantage of receiving your maximum amount of claimed benefits.

Consultancy for Military Veteran

VA Disability

Original claims submission

Your disability benefit claim will be handled with the utmost care, as if it were our own, while offering transparent communication, the most recent legislation, and the highest quality according to veteran standards.

New Claims

Review records and other related documents to assist in the identification of conditions and disabilities that are eligible for submission of a new claim, and provide an action plan for submitting possible other service connectable conditions.

Increase VA Disability Claims

Provide prefilling consultation in reviewing records and documents medical evidence to determine eligibility for an increase in service connection, and provide an action plan for submitting other service connectable conditions.


Provides representation in all phases of the appeal process from the regional offices to the Board of Appeals